What is this thing called SoulMating?

You’re probably asking yourself: “What is this thing called SoulMating?” In a nutshell, it’s the only way of finding true love by being authentic – NO game playing.

The first step is to connect to yourself soulfully, understanding WHO you are. Then, as an empowered individual, you go out into the world to find and maintain a wonderful lifetime partnership with someone who shares your core values.

While we were initially writing this blog, coincidentally, we watched Jennie McCarthy’s debut as one of the hosts of The View. Donnie Wahlberg was one of the guests and also happens to be Jennie’s boyfriend. Congratulations on your marriage!

Sherrie, one of the hosts, asked Donnie: “What was your first date like?” He smiled and suggested that it wasn’t the typical romantic first date with the bells and whistles everyone expects. He said that they spent 6 hours talking and really getting to know each other. Beyond her external beauty, he discovered a woman that truly was intelligent, caring, and interesting. It’s obvious from how they interacted with each other on television that they have truly developed a wonderful intimate relationship based on friendship.

That’s what we call SoulMating.


As psychologists and relationship coaches, we’ve developed this model, helping thousands of people find lasting love. That is our passion because we have observed the pain of so many men and women who struggle to find committed and fulfilling relationships.

Our social media guru is telling us to blog, blog, blog! But what do we blog about?

The two of us, me and Basha, my adorable and sometimes pain-in-the-neck wife (we value authenticity) and spiritual partner, are debating how to engage in this process. Do we use the information from our book? Do we share new things with all of you? Or some combination of both?

We’ve been reading blogs of all flavors and determining what our themes will be. We know to keep them short and sweet. Just one idea at a time, you know, small bites. Just what today’s short attention span and busy world demands. Also, we’ve decided to focus on video blogging since we like talking much more than writing.

I’ve written 4 blogs already but Basha doesn’t like them. Too much information and not enough feeling. You know, man and woman stuff. I’m a logical thinker, always teaching, and she’s the psychologist, the feeling-oriented woman who wants to share emotions (the touchy-feely). I’ve rewritten them to be more soulful, touching my female side.  What do you think?

If you have any ideas for us, let us know. Tell us what you want. Dating advice? Mating advice? The Man’s approach, the Woman’s approach. Both?

Talk to you soon.

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