Drs. Basha and Jeff KaplanWe are psychologists, a husband and wife team who are passionate about life and love, teaching relationship and successful living skills. We are “The SoulMating Doctors.” Our commitment is to make relationships work, all kinds of relationships. We specialize in teaching men and women the concepts and tools to improve the quality of their lives, which leads directly to developing a fulfilling life partnership.

This work has become our mission as we have observed so many men and women, whether single or married, straight or gay, struggling to find fulfilling, committed relationships. Being intimately aware of the challenges of being male or female in today’s world, we know that a new partnership model is needed which is based on friendship and mutual understanding, without power struggles.

To achieve this end, we consistently utilize our unique model of partnership called SoulMating.

SoulMating is based on two complete individuals (I’s) inventing the (WE), where both people are heard and have their needs met. Through this model, power struggles disappear and are replaced by an appreciation, acceptance, respect and understanding of yourself and another. The result is a WIN-WIN partnership where 1+1=3.

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