Having practiced as a licensed clinical psychologist (FL PY8513) for many years, my relationship coaching practice is quite unique since it combines cognitive behavioral therapy with many elements of coaching, all blended together. Each session is audio-taped so the client can listen to what transpired and move more quickly through the process.


I call it SoulMating Therapeutic Coaching. It’s a personalized, self-reflective, step-by-step process, which combines the psychological and spiritual, supporting individuals on their transformational journey towards wholeness.


In a loving and nurturing environment, some of the issues my clients grapple with:

How to reinvent your life with meaning and purpose

Dealing with overwhelming stress/Lack of balance

Recovering from addictions, especially eating disorders and codependency

How to transform your life when primary relationships have ended

Learning to love and like WHO you are, not just the WHAT you have accomplished

Healing from your past hurts and emotional wounds from childhood


Tina, one of my longtime clients, described her experience working with me:

Basha’s approach to therapeutic coaching is direct and hands on. She is uniquely perceptive and can immediately focus on the issues at hand. Her homework questions always provide for the client to delve deeper, and with time and hard work the results bring forth mind-blowing insights.

Recently, my life felt overwhelming. I had lost myself – becoming anxious and depressed. Within one session, after nDisney 5-13 068ot seeing Basha for many years, I realized that my whole life had become about watching TV and working, “The doings of life.” I had forgotten that I was a human being. After practicing her self-work homework assignment, I became a happy, peaceful and content person, ready to lead a more balanced life, by valuing my BEING inside. 

Having their new book in hand, SoulMating: The Secret to Finding Everlasting Love and Passion, really helped me shift my life and priorities quickly. Basha and Jeff target and explore one of the most prevalent issues in society today – our inability to meld the day to day doing tasks with that spiritual being side within each of us – thus culminating in a more balanced life. Together they strategize and provide the groundwork for working through these issues and finding our true spirituality – thus enabling us to share our lives in a more loving and being way.


If you are interested in working with me via telephone or Skype, or in person at our Naples office, please Contact me.