our bio

   bashaI, Basha, am a clinical psychologist, author, lecturer, corporate trainer and relationship coach with an international private practice based in Naples, Florida.


jeffI, Jeffrey, am an author, lecturer, psycho-spiritual educator and corporate trainer with doctorates in Transpersonal Psychology and Educational Administration.


Utilizing our varied backgrounds and expertise, we have become known as “The SoulMating Doctors, a husband and wife team who are renowned experts in the areas of wellness, love, dating and relationships. No matter what delivery system we employ, we always offer a unique and successful approach, as we teach healthy partnership and successful living skills.

Because our work has produced such great results, we have appeared on numerous international television and radio shows and have been featured in major publications such as the Washington Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and Yoga Journal.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to make relationships work, all kinds of relationships, by teaching men and women the concepts and tools which greatly improve the quality of their lives.

This work has become our passion as we have observed so many men and women, whether single or married, straight or gay, struggling to find and maintain fulfilling, committed relationships. Being intimately aware of the challenges of being male or female in today’s world, we know that a new partnership model is needed, which is based on friendship and mutual understanding, without power struggles. To achieve this end, we created our…

SoulMating Model of Healthy Partnership



This model can be described as two complete individuals (I’s) inventing the (WE), where both people are heard and have their needs met. Through this model, power struggles disappear and are replaced by an appreciation, acceptance, respect and understanding of oneself and another. The result is a WIN-WIN partnership where 1+1=3.

Spending 24/7 living and working together for close to 20 years has forced us to continue to learn and grow, in ways we could never have imagined, bringing even greater insight into the work that we do. Our model is partially based on the challenges we have faced as a couple and how we overcame them to build a more soulful and nurturing partnership through consistent and authentic communication; in other words, two imperfect human beings creating and sharing life’s adventure together.

Learning from our own experiences and mistakes taught us valuable tools to help individuals like you get the results you desire in finding and maintaining a loving lifetime partnership. Our continual hope and mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them achieve the intimate relationships we feel everyone deserves.


Basha’s Personal and Professional Journey

I have been practicing a unique form of therapy for the past 30 years, a combination of relationship coach/therapist. As many of you have read about in our book “SoulMating”or have heard me discuss in my lectures, for most my life until I was in my 30’s, I was “broken” and suffered greatly with depression and anxiety, along with having multiple addictions such as bulimia, co-dependency and workaholism.

I tried several different types of therapy beginning in my teens, but nothing seemed to work. Even while attending graduate school to become a psychologist, I was in so much pain that I went the Self-Help route. This journey began with 12 step-programs, EST and The Forum in the 80’s. These three programs changed my personal and professional life forever because I was given the tools and skills to help me transform.

Consequently, I was driven to continue attending workshops, not only to heal myself, but also to teach others what I had learned. First, I worked with women who had eating disorders, in both individual and group therapy. Here, the focus was on teaching them how to like and love themselves to become a whole person and to become more spiritual, which definitely helped cure their addiction.

Then, I worked with men and women to help them transform their dating and mating life by creating and co-leading relationship support groups for singles for 10 years with Gail Prince, an educator. This culminated in the publication of our ground-breaking best-selling book Soul Dating to Soul Mating: On the Path Towards Spiritual Partnership, Penguin-Putnam. 1999.

I truly live all the wisdom contained in my first book. After a difficult and tumultuous youth, I began a long process of self-discovery and personal growth that culminated in finding the key to living a life of joy, abundance and contribution. What is more rewarding than to discover “WHO” we are, to like and love ourselves. We need to live our lives with a sense of fulfillment, purpose and meaning to manifest our dreams. For me, it was meeting Jeff, my spiritual partner, and getting married for the first time at age 48.

Today, I realize that my professional practice was devoted to helping myself and others become a whole person (I), ready to enter into a healthy relationship. Since Jeff and I began living and working together, our new work has expanded to not only teach others how to become a healthy I, but also how to invent a loving WE.

Jeff’s Personal and Professional Journey

My professional background included early careers in accounting and publishing, followed by 25 years working in education as a teacher, psychological guidance counselor and elementary school principal in the New York City area.

At 45, my life totally changed. I had 4 major losses within 2 years including my in-laws, my father and my wife. During my wife’s illness, I was forced to retire from work.

All my losses propelled me on a spiritual and emotional quest to help make sense of what happened to me. This resulted in my ability to begin to touch my own soul and view life from a very different perspective. I went from operating as a rational, logical person to becoming a more feeling and emotionally oriented being. This transformation propelled me to learn and grow in more psychological and spiritually oriented arenas.

Since Basha and I both value learning and growing, we began attending all kinds of workshops and seminars. While attending a world famous Intuition Seminar given by Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D and Caroline Myss, Ph.D., Norm offered me the opportunity to pursue a specialized Ph.D. program of my choosing in Energy Medicine with a specialty in Transpersonal Psychology. I gobbled up this opportunity and began a multi-year pursuit of this goal.

This journey led me to my current work with Basha and the development of specific tools, skills and attitudes to help transform people’s lives. Specifically, my expertise helps individuals look at problems and situations, acknowledging a whole new set of solutions and options based on the perspectives of their personality and the energies of their soul.

Turning negatives into positives, realizing there is more to life than seeing the world only through the DOINGS of life rather than the BEINGs we all are, is the core of my work.

Our Personal and Professional Partnership

We are entering our 20th year of our passionate partnership. Our physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional attraction grows with each day. Surprisingly, we often spend twenty-four hours a day living and working together and never become bored or disinterested, just some quick emotional outbursts when differences occur that are resolved within a short period of time.

Actually, our relationship is one of the easiest parts of our lives, the most fulfilling and the most fun. In general, our partnership works because we are committed to learning and growing from our mistakes as we consistently embrace all the components of our SoulMating Model of Healthy Partnership, inventing the WE.

Spending time with us, you immediately become aware that our mission in life, directed by our strong connection to divine energy, is to contribute to others. Because we are so grateful for our couplehood, we have devoted our lives to helping people have a more loving relationship with themselves and another. Our major challenge includes how to best use our time and energy between giving to others – helping family, friends and clients – and spending time together enjoying life and each other. We are fortunate to be in such a remarkable personal relationship and want to help others achieve what we have found and continue to nurture.