The Ultimate Valentine’s Day

Produced and Directed by heart and spirit As long as I can remember, I always dreaded Valentine’s Day.  This supposedly marvelous holiday, revolving around LOVE and ROMANCE   always seemed to produce the opposite effect.  It never met the expectations and the hoopla that the media professed, falling far short of the romantic expression and passion … Continued

What is this thing called SoulMating?

You’re probably asking yourself: “What is this thing called SoulMating?” In a nutshell, it’s the only way of finding true love by being authentic – NO game playing. The first step is to connect to yourself soulfully, understanding WHO you are. Then, as an empowered individual, you go out into the world to find and … Continued

Using Loss to Reinvent Yourself

As we have all experienced first hand, crises or transitions in life occur when we least expect it.  At 44, I was sailing along in life, happy with my career and family when, suddenly, like an explosion, everything changed. First, both my in-laws died within a few months of each other.  Shortly thereafter, my wife … Continued

Emotional Safety: A Key to Dating & Mating Successfully

What is emotional safety? Am I emotionally safe to myself and others? Is the other person emotionally safe? These are key questions that need to be asked and answered by everyone as they travel on their dating and mating path. We’ve discovered that relationships are satisfying and nurturing, only if BOTH partners strive towards valuing … Continued

Simple Loving: Becoming Real

(note)….  after our first book Soul Dating to Soul Mating came out, Janet contacted me to ask me if I was willing to be part of her book and this is what she wrote… It wasn’t until Basha Kaplan became real that she met her husband, her spiritual partner and soul mate. Before that, she … Continued