We all dream about finding the “perfect mate” and living happily-ever-after in eternal bliss. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to get love right, many of you suffer in finding and maintaining the life partner you yearn for.

SoulMating: The Secret to Finding Everlasting Love and Passion is the SOLUTION. Step-by-step, this book offers a unique and innovative way of looking at partnership, with tools and skills that not only guarantee a more fulfilling life, but that naturally leads to finding a nurturing and loving life partner.

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  • Testimonials“You find the right person by becoming the right person.” Profoundly true! SoulMating tells you what, why and how you can do… read more
    ~Rev. Art Holt, Unity minister – author and publisher of Upward Bound Journal. 
  • TestimonialsSoulMating offers the reader a thought provoking, heart awakening and spirit enriching guide to healthy relationship.  Whether you are looking for… read more
    ~America Martinez, intuitive consultant and speaker. 
  • Having practiced matrimonial law for many years, I have seen couples who, it seemed to me, should never have gotten together in… read more
    ~Neal S. Comer. , matrimonial and criminal attorney, NY Super Lawyers
  • What could be better than finding your soul mate AND having the tools you’ll need to create a thriving relationship!… read more
    ~Janet Luhrs, Bestselling Author of the Simple Living Guide and Simple Loving. 
  • SoulMating provides the reader with an enjoyable, easy to read, well written book that focuses on the development and maintenance… read more
    ~Steve Bucky Ph.D.. , clinical psychologist and professor
  • Basha & Jeff have the unique ability to approach the treacherous terrain of relationships with wisdom, research and experience.  But… read more
    ~Rev. Howard Hanger, author and minister of Jubilee Community, Asheville, N.C.. 
  • “This book is a delicious guide toward self-preparation for becoming a person capable of achieving a soul mate for a… read more
    ~Caroline Myss Ph.D., New York Times bestselling author of Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, and Why People Don’t Heal. 
Everlasting love is waiting for you! Learn how to change the 7 Beliefs that Sabotage Finding True Love.