Finding the Path to Your Soulmate – Washington Post – excerpts

By Pamela Margoshes Special to The Washington Post When it comes to dating and finding lasting love, says Basha Kaplan, a Naples, Fla., Psychologist and relationships expert, you find the right person by figuring out what your soul truly needs before you commit to someone.  Dating can turn from dreadful to nearly delectable when you … Continued

Love without Blinders – excerpts

The Columbus Dispatch By Dennis Fiely, Dispatch Accent Reporter She could have married someone tall, dark and handsome. Instead, she married someone nice. The friendship-first Philosophy ensures lasting unions, according to Basha Kaplan, the renowned psychologist and author. “Most people don’t think about finding someone who is their best friend: they think about finding their … Continued

Complete Woman: SoulDating – excerpts

How will you know whether or not a man you’re dating could be your soul mate? Here are some clues… “Dateable men,” Kaplan says, “can show you a ‘good time’–but mateable men can give you a good life.” They are truly soul partners and soul lovers for life. To find your spiritual soulmate, Kaplan says, … Continued

Searching Out Your True Soul Mate – excerpts

Sarasota Herald Tribune By Art Levy, Staff Writer Jeffrey Kaplan has a disease.  Everywhere he goes, he has to arrive five minutes early.  “I may be crazy, but, for me, being late is unacceptable.”  His wife, Basha, has a disease, too, but to a lesser extent.  Time doesn’t mean much to her, so she’s almost … Continued