Complete Woman: SoulDating – excerpts

How will you know whether or not a man you’re dating could be your soul mate? Here are some clues…

“Dateable men,” Kaplan says, “can show you a ‘good time’–but mateable men can give you a good life.” They are truly soul partners and soul lovers for life.

To find your spiritual soulmate, Kaplan says, you need to find the greatest friend, not the greatest lover…someone you’re both physically and spiritually attracted to. “Most people think they will just recognize the right person for them,” Kaplan says, “but there are skills to finding the right person, …rules for finding and keeping lasting love.”

Be your own best friend first….Know first who and what you are and what you value.

Think of past relationships as lessons, not failures….what works for you and what doesn’t.”

Don’t be afraid to try the unexpected, to break out of ruts….Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone, to shatter preconceptions about who would make you happy.

Be yourself….Don’t act in a relationship. The sexiest qualities in both men and women are this fearsome foursome: authentic, reliable, genuine and consistent.