Neal S. Comer

Having practiced matrimonial law for many years, I have seen couples who, it seemed to me, should never have gotten together in the first place.  Had this fine book been available to them years ago, they might well have made better choices and, consequently, might have made better lives for themselves.

Steve Bucky Ph.D.

SoulMating provides the reader with an enjoyable, easy to read, well written book that focuses on the development and maintenance of healthy, fulfilling life partnerships by providing practical useful recommendations as well as skill-building practices that promote a lifelong partnership. One of the recommendations I found particularly relevant was a couple being clear with each … Continued

Janet Luhrs, Bestselling Author of the Simple Living Guide and Simple Loving

What could be better than finding your soul mate AND having the tools you’ll need to create a thriving relationship! SoulMating is a breath of fresh air, because it is both uplifting and also grounded in gritty reality. The Kaplans, from their own relationship, show us that soul partnerships are not about fairy tales, but … Continued

Rev. Art Holt, Unity minister – author and publisher of Upward Bound Journal

“You find the right person by becoming the right person.” Profoundly true! SoulMating tells you what, why and how you can do just that. How I wish I had their book to reference during all the years I was so busy officiating the weddings I questioned would actually work.  The Kaplan’s book is ‘right on.’

Rev. Howard Hanger, author and minister of Jubilee Community, Asheville, N.C.

Basha & Jeff have the unique ability to approach the treacherous terrain of relationships with wisdom, research and experience.  But their true gift is their humor and humanity in dealing with the all important issues of being alone, living with balance and the intricacies of romance.  This is a book for romantic start-ups or long-term … Continued

America Martinez, intuitive consultant and speaker

SoulMating offers the reader a thought provoking, heart awakening and spirit enriching guide to healthy relationship.  Whether you are looking for a relationship or desiring to heal and strengthen the bonds of an existing relationship, this is the book to read.